Smile Reconstruction and Enhancement yahoo opzioni binarie Not only will your smile appear more beautiful but your bite will be greatly improved. The process of doing so may leave your teeth sensitive to hot, cold, air, or sweets for several days. Mild discomfort upon chewing may also occur. This is not unusual, and should be expected, while you become accustomed to the new position, shape, and size of your new teeth. Patience and communication with our office are important in making sure we provide you with as comfortable a recovery as we can. Residual high spots or sharp edges may persist. Make sure you contact our office immediately should these areas remain uncomfortable. Addressing these early will help prevent greater complications along the way.

see url As mentioned, hot and cold sensitivity is normal. Gum soreness may also be expected.

The following will help you reduce pain, sensitivity, and swelling:

  • Warm salt water rinses (1 tsp salt/ 1 cup warm water)
  • Mild pain medication ( Up to three tablets of Ibuprofen/Motrin in combination with one tablet of Tylenol every six hours). Stronger pain medication could be made available as needed and directed by Dr. Dargham.
  • Icepack as needed.

metformin tablets Don't panic if you notice changes in your speech patterns. As mentioned previously, you are learning how to accept your new teeth. The amount of saliva may also increase. Normal speech and salivary flow should return to normal in about one week.

Other recommendations include:

  • Resume daily brushing and flossing to reduce plaque build-up, allowing for a clean and bacteria-free environment…thus, a long-lasting smile.
  • Avoid or minimize smoking and substances that can stain your new smile. These may include coffee, tea, red wine, soy sauce, and berries.
  • Wear a sports guard to protect your teeth while playing sports. If one is not available, please call our office to have one custom-made for you.
  • Wear the night guard provided for you every night. If one is unavailable please call our office to have one custom-made for you. Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns. Feeling comfortable in your new smile may take some time. Let us know if we can make it easier for you.